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Luxury lingerie isn’t just a splurge. You get better quality underwear. Read on to see why you should opt for luxury lingerie.

Luxury lingerie was always seen as something the rich and famous buy. However, more and more people now realize the benefits of splurging on luxury underwear and are investing in them more often.

From an underwire bra to underwear, luxury lingerie is not only better quality than most other underwear, but there are several other benefits when choosing fancy lingerie.

Confidence Booster

The biggest benefit when wearing luxury lingerie is that it is a massive confidence booster. Much like wearing a brand-new Versace dress or slipping on a pair of Jimmy Choo heels, you begin to “feel yourself” and walk with a pep in your step. 

Even though the majority of the time, no one will see your underwear but you, it still makes you feel super confident and sexy throughout the day.

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Well-Fitted Bras

Many women still underestimate the power of a well-fitted bra. Not only is it more comfortable, but you get much more support, especially if you run or work out. 

Underwear as Outwear

Wearing underwear as outerwear has become increasingly popular over the past few years. With corsets and bras becoming far more ornate and beautiful, it is no surprise that they are replacing “regular” tops.

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A current fashion trend is wearing lingerie as outerwear. Photo by FabrikaCr via iStock by Getty Images

Luxury lingerie is often far more ornate than regular underwear; there are often intricate designs, striking colors, and patterns, and they generally look great as outerwear.


Exclusive fashion houses or designers often make luxury lingerie. This usually means that the underwear will be made of the best quality materials and by the best artisans and tailors.

The lingerie may be expensive, but you get what you pay for. The underwear is made to the highest standards and will last far longer than regular brands.


High-end underwear is made to fit almost any body shape and size. It uses techniques to help it fit better, meaning that luxury lingerie is often far more comfortable than cheaper versions. Underwear and bras both fit better and therefore offer more comfort and support where you need it. 

Luxury lingerie isn't just a luxury. Photo by HappyNati via iStock by Getty Images

Luxury lingerie isn’t just a luxury. Photo by HappyNati via iStock by Getty Images


One difference between luxury underwear and regular underwear is the amount of sizing options there are. There are many occasions when standard sizing, like small, medium, large, etc., isn’t good enough. 

Once again, while this will make the underwear more expensive, you know you are getting a bra or underwear that is perfectly suited for your body shape. 

What to Look for in Luxury Lingerie

Considering how expensive luxury lingerie can be, there are a few things you need to look for when choosing a piece before you buy it.

Underwear shop

There are several things to consider when buying luxury lingerie. Photo by fiphoto via iStock by Getty Images


There is almost a never-ending selection of shapes and cuts to choose from. When choosing a shape, think about what you will wear the underwear with. A regular bra is easier to wear with most of your clothes than a corset. 


The next thing you have to choose is the color. If you plan on wearing your new lingerie under workwear and everyday wear, opt for more neutral colors that can match almost anything in your wardrobe. 

Underwear for sale

Consider color when buying lingerie. Photo by Dekdoyjaidee via iStock by Getty Images

If you are wearing your lingerie as outerwear, you can experiment with colors and designs and not worry about your underwear being too bright and seen through your clothes. 


Picking the right fit is a two-part process. The first thing you need to do is to find underwear that is not only the most comfortable but also underwear you can wear throughout the day. 

The second part is ensuring how it fits with clothes on. Panty and bra lines are two things many people try to avoid; some lingerie can have parts that stand out and be seen while wearing clothes. 

Does the Lingerie Fit in Your Wardrobe?

Much like any other item of clothing, your lingerie must fit into the rest of your wardrobe; once again, especially if you want to wear some of it as outerwear. You don’t need to stick to particular rules, but rather find underwear in complementary colors. 

Buy a Set

When buying lingerie, purchasing a set rather than individual pieces will always be a better idea. This will ensure both pieces match and complete any and every outfit you pair. 

Pick Pieces that Accentuate Your Favorite Body Parts

Finally, choose lingerie that accentuates your favorite body parts. Not all lingerie will accentuate the same parts of you, whether it be your legs or neck. This will take some trial and error and seeing what works best. 

This process will also help you discover what lengths, cuts, and shapes work best for you. You’ll also soon discover which material or details that give you the best results. Check out Wander for more ideas on wardrobes—especially those ideal for your travels. Now that you’re packed and ready to go, we also can recommend destinations Around the World or Across the Street™.

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