Where to Stay in Palermo

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Deciding where to stay in Palermo is not that hard. The capital of Sicily is a cosmopolitan city nestled in splendid nature. That’s why Palermo has such diverse neighborhoods. Not only that, but Palermo has some of the best hotels in Italy.

We’ve been to Palermo countless times. The last time, we spent close to two weeks in the city. What can we say? Sicily is our favorite destination in Italy. No other place in the country combines grand buildings with splendid nature.

Palermo is the epicenter of Islamic, Byzantine, Norman, and Italian architecture. Lavish palaces, churches, and museums populate the city. No matter where you look, you will see art. Food of course is in a league of its own.  You will eat and drink like a queen!

The Best Places to Stay in Palermo

Historical Center of Palermo

Il Capo (Monte di Pietà)

The best place to stay in Palermo is the historical center. We believe the best area is around Monte di Pietà. Locals call it Il Capo. Most of the city’s main attractions are here or within walking distance.

The star of Monte di Pieta is the Cathedral. The Arab Norman masterpiece is almost 1000 years old. The inside is as fabulous as the outside. You will spend time here and in the plaza in front. The Diocesan Museum also on the plaza is interesting.

We Recommend These Hotels in El Capo:

Palazzo Santamarina

Our favorite hotel in Palermo is the Palazzo Santamarina Luxury Suites and Spa in the heart of Il Capo. The spa is in the arched basement and has a pool and sauna. The plush rooms are extra comfy. We loved having the delicious breakfast on the patio.

Casa Nostra Boutique Hotel

Casa Nostra Boutique Hotel is a traditional Italian building two blocks from the theatre. The hotel has a garden with a pool in the center. Book a suite, and you will never forget your time in Palermo.  They come with a terrace and a tub!

Il Capo


Albergheria is south of Il Capo. It starts south of the Cathedral, east of the Palace, and west of Maqueda Street. Evidently, the Norman Palace is its biggest draw. The oldest residential building in Europe used to be the home of the Sicilian Kings.

You have to check the opulent Palatine Chapel inside the Palace. The Church of Saint John of the Hermits is nearby. From there, walk to the Nicolò Di Bari Tower. You have to climb to enjoy the best views of Palermo from this historic medieval tower.

From there, walk to the baroque Jesus Church from 1630. The interior will take your breath away. Locals flock to Vittorio Emanuelle Avenue to eat, drink and socialize. Don’t forget to check out the iconic Quattro Canti. Please note that we only recommend staying close to Vittorio Emanuelle and Maqueda streets. The rest of Albergheria is not that nice.

We Recommend These Hotels in Albergheria:

Palazzo Natoli Boutique Hotel  

The Palazzo Natoli is a cute building two blocks from the Palace. However, the hotel is an oasis of peace. The best rooms have a balcony. If you are traveling with friends or family, book one of its suites or a fully equipped apartment. The service is personal and professional.

B&B Gallidoro

The B&B Gallidoro is an excellent hotel on Via Maqueda. It’s a small property set in a palazzo with a crumbling patio that adds to the vibe. The rooms and common areas are spotless. The complimentary breakfast is homemade and delicious.



Kalsa is the neighborhood on the coast, east of Via Maqueda, south of Vittorio Emanuelle, and north of the Botanical Gardens. Begin your walk at the iconic Praetorian Fountain from the 1500s. The Church of Santa Maria dell’Ammiraglio is in the corner.

The best byzantine mosaics in Italy are inside the impressive 12th-Century temple. Walk two blocks to the History Archive of Palermo. The building is as magnificent as the collection inside. Continue to the Santa Ana Modern Art Gallery. The former convent exhibits European art.

The area adjacent to the sea is also interesting. We like Garibaldi Park. Some of its trees are super old! Palermo’s marina is in front of the park. Don’t forget to check the Palazzo di San Bartolomeo and Porta Felice. Kalsa in central Palermo is where to stay if you are on a budget.

We Recommend These Hotels in Kalsa:

Hotel Principe di Lampedusa

Considering its class and location, the Hotel Principe di Lampedusa is great value for money. The traditional Italian building is on Bourse Square. Thus, you can walk everywhere. The rooms are spacious and have wooden ceilings with beams. The best ones have city views.

Hotel Porta Felice

You won’t get a better room in a better location than at the Hotel Porta Felice. The 18th-Century Palace is one block from the coast. It has a full-size spa and a lovely terrace with views. The suites are huge and come with a tub!


La Loggia

La Loggia is next to the sea and north of Kalsa. It’s the best area to stay in Palermo if you want to be in the center but in a quiet place. You can walk everywhere in no time.

Though central, a lot of local people live in La Loggia. Palermo’s marina is here. Walk along the coast and you will see fancy yachts. Continue along the coast to see the Castello a Mare. You can see the remains of ancient city walls.

You have to visit the Palazzo Branciforte from the 16th Century. The massive palace has one of the nicest libraries in the world. From there, walk to the Prefecture of Palermo. The iconic building is next to a park on Via Cavour.

We Recommend These Hotels in La Loggia:

Hotel Posta

Hotel Posta is an 18th-Century mansion close to the coast, where the Castello a Mare is. The stone door to the hotel is gorgeous! We love its library with comfy chairs. They prepare great cocktails which you can have up on the terrace while enjoying the views.

Hotel La Vucciria di Guttuso

You can’t beat the rates at Hotel La Vucciria di Guttuso. The location is pretty good too. The impeccable property offers comfy rooms on a quiet street. The classic rooms have a balcony, and the triple one on the top floor has a terrace.

La Loggia

Outside of the Historical Center

Ruggero Settimo

Roggero Settimo is the first neighborhood outside of the center. It’s a quiet residential neighborhood with some of the best 5 star hotels in Palermo. However, you can walk everywhere in no time. We love its relaxed atmosphere.

The area revolves around pedestrian Ruggero Settimo Street. All types of shops and restaurants line the lively street. Begin your walk in Garibaldi Square. Walk until you reach the San Francesco di Paola Church. Incredible carvings and paintings cover the church.

Another popular spot is the Politeama Garibaldi Theater. Garibaldi himself inaugurated the theater in 1861. The Evangelical Church of Palermo is behind the theatre. The Anglican one is two blocks south. Enjoy the vibe under a tall tree in Ignacio Florio Square, one of the nicest in the city.

We Recommend These Hotels in the Ruggero Settimo:

Grand Hotel Et Des Palmes

If you have the money to splash, do so at the Grand Hotel Et Des Palmes. The palace is a sight to behold. Everything is elegant and sophisticated here. The service is in a class of its own. Even if you don’t stay here, stop for some wine or dinner.

Best Western Ai Cavalieri

The Best Western Ai Cavalieri Hotel is our go-to hotel in Palermo. The hotel is on a leafy street within walking distance of everything. You get a big comfortable room with a great bathroom. The best rooms have balconies overlooking a park.

Ruggero Settimo

Borgo Vecchio

In all honesty, Borgo Vecchio is not as interesting as other neighborhoods in Palermo. Don’t get us wrong, it’s a safe area next to the coast some 20 minutes from the Cathedral. Palermo’s port is here. Ferries, boats, and cruises dock here.

The area close to the port is not appealing. However, locals have been visiting the Puppet Theatre Carlo Magno for decades. Actually, everyone in Italy knows the family company behind the show. We don’t speak Italian and loved the puppets!

Locals go to Borgo Vecchio for a bite, to drink, and to dance. We go to Bar Miles Davis for live jazz and cocktails. For pizza and dancing, we go to Dorian Al Tasmira. Our favorite restaurant in Palermo is here too. Ristorante Quattroventi is in front of Santa Lucia Church.

We Recommend These Hotels in Borgo Vecchio:

Porta Amari B&B

Porta Amari is in front of the port. Actually, the hotel overlooks the sea. It’s a decently priced accommodation option in Palermo. You get a clean comfy room and good breakfast. A local family manages the hotel.

Ibis Styles Palermo President

If you know the French brand, you know what to expect: clean and modern rooms. The Ibis Styles Palermo President is a contemporary tower next to the port. The best rooms have sea views. The rooftop terrace has awesome views over the sea.

Borgo Vecchio

Politeama – Libertà

Politeama Liberta is the fancy area north of the center. However, you can walk to the Cathedral in 25 minutes. It’s a residential neighborhood around Via della Libertà. The leafy boulevard across Garibaldi Theatre crosses a vast green area to the north.

The Piersanti Mattarella Park is a 15-acre beauty from the 1850s. Locals call it the English Gardens. Plants from all over the world dot its little hills and paths. There’s an Arab Normand temple, and several fountains, ponds, and statues.

If you are into shopping, walk along Via della Libertà. The best boutiques in Palermo line this leafy street. The area is known in Palermo for its fantastic restaurants. Di Martino is a sandwich restaurant set in a garden. Haiku prepares healthy food and also has a garden.

We Recommend These Hotels in Politeama – Libertà:

Family Affair

The Family Affair is one of the best luxury hotels in Palermo. The rooms are stunning. Most have painted ceilings, mosaic floors, and exposed stone walls. The best ones come with a balcony and a coffee machine.

Hotel Politeama

Since it’s across Garibaldi Theatre, Hotel Politeama has open views over the plaza. The deluxe rooms and suites on the top floor have a terrace with breathtaking views over the city and the hills. They have parking.

Politeama Liberta

Mondello and the Coast

Mondello is 6 miles (10 km) north of Palermo City. You can get there on a train in approximately an hour. In all honesty, Palermo doesn’t have nice urban beaches. The ones to the south are ok but a far cry from the ones here.

Therefore, Mondello is where to stay in Palermo near the beach. The urban area next to the beach is full of big houses with gardens. The seaside boulevard is lovely. Walk from the Ancient Bathing Establishment (Antico Stabilimento Balneare di Mondello) north to the marina.

The views from the iconic Art Noveau structure on the sea will take your breath away. Some sections on the beach are public, and some you pay but get a sunbed with an umbrella. It takes an hour walking north to reach the Natural Reserve Cape Gallo.

We Recommend These Hotels in Mondello:

AWA Mondello

The best beachfront accommodation in Mondello is the AWA Hotel. We love it because it has its own garden and beach area. The best rooms have a balcony with sea views. The rooms are plush and have wooden floors.

Unìco Boutique Hotel d’Arte

For incredible views over the sea, stay at the Unìco Boutique Hotel d’Arte. The sleek property is perched on a hill to the north of the beach. It’s got an infinity pool and a tub on the terrace. Book a suite with a patio and hot tub for added pleasure.

Palermo Marina

How Long to Stay in Palermo

The correct answer is as many as you can! The last time we went to Palermo, we spent 14 days and felt it wasn’t enough. The city has so many attractions that you can spend days visiting museums, palaces, and temples.

However, we all have time constraints and a big world to discover. So you are probably wondering how many days are needed in Palermo to cover the basics. We believe you must spend at least three nights in the city.

If you are visiting from April to late October, we would add a night in Mondello. The beaches are lovely. In fact, Palermo enjoys great winters. We travel around the Mediterranean in winter and always have a blast.

Quattro Canti

Moving Around Palermo

The best way of moving around Palermo is walking. The city is not that big and most attractions are not far from each other. No worries if you get hungry or tired, there are plenty of cafes, restaurants, and plazas to rest.

We don’t recommend biking in the center. It’s too crowded. Bike out of the center. The city will operate a public bike-sharing system soon. There are buses. Unfortunately, not that reliable, especially at night. Taxis are safe and inexpensive.

Palermo is a great place to begin your tour around Sicily. You can go on fantastic day excursions to nearby places. You can also go to Catania to the south. From there you can continue to Taormina, Syracuse, Modica or Ragusa.

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