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Deciding where to stay in Bordeaux is not as easy as it sounds. You have nothing to worry about! Bordeaux has some of the best hotels in France, so you won’t have trouble finding the one that suits you.

The city is an architect’s dream! And a wine lover paradise! Bordeaux is one of the prettiest cities in France. That’s why UNESCO included it in its World Heritage List. Besides, Bordeaux has quite distinct neighborhoods.

We’ve been to the city several times. The last time, we spent 15 days and had a blast. We also went to nearby places that took our breath away. Of course, we visited its world-famous Chateaus and had lots of wine!

Where to stay in Bordeaux

The Best Places to Stay in Bordeaux

City Center – Saint Pierre and Saint Paul

The best place to stay in Bordeaux is in the city center. Locals call it Old Bordeaux (Vieux Bordeaux). We are talking about the area adjacent to the river, south of pedestrian Lintendance Street, east of Albret Road, and north of Berland Street.

The most important landmarks in the city are here. Walk along Garonne River and enter the center through Cailhau Gate. The 1495 gate used to be the main access to the city. Continue to the Palais Square. The entire area is lovely.

We Recommend These Hotels in the City Center:

Hotel Cardinal

There are only 10 luxurious suites at the Hotel Cardinal. The 18th Century mansion is near the Cathedral. Every room is big and comes with a stove, coffee maker, and fridge. We spent a weekend here and couldn’t believe how good the service was.

Quality Hotel Bordeaux Center

The Quality Hotel is in the middle of the Old Town. It’s a refurbished 19th Century mansion, with modern-day conveniences. The rooms are big and perfectly isolated and come with a coffee maker. It’s got a gym and extra accessible bathrooms.

Bordeaux Old Town

Capuchins and Victoire

Capuchins and Victoire are to the south of the historic core. The neighborhood is next to the river, around the Capuchins Market, and north of the main train station. The iconic Saint Jean Bridge is here.

This is where to stay in Bordeaux if you want to be in the city center, but a bit off the crowded area. Stroll along Saint Michelle Park next to the river. It’s the best place to watch a killer sunset.

Saint Michelle Basilica is to the north of the park, and Saint Croix Church is to the south. The National Theatre of Bordeaux is in next to Saint Croix. The area around the Capuchins market is full of delicious Moroccan restaurants. In Bordeaux, the hotels near the train station are great value for money.

We Recommend These Hotels in Capuchins and Victoire:

Staycity Aparthotels Bordeaux City Center

The Staycity offers fully equipped studios in the heart of Capuchins. The super modern units come with a stove, fridge, coffee maker, and a balcony. The lobby and cafeteria are perfect for chilling with a glass of wine and a croissant. There’s onsite parking!

Hotel La Zoologie

La Zoologie used to be a university. Today, it’s one of the best hotels in Bordeaux. The property is set in a beautiful garden and has a rooftop terrace with epic views over the city. The spa is superb!

Victoire Square

Saint Bruno

Saint Bruno is the best place to stay in Bordeaux if you are looking for an authentic experience. The area is behind Bordeaux City Hall. Don’t forget to check out the Museum of Decorative Arts. The chateau is as grand as the collection inside!

If you like contemporary architecture, you will love the neighborhood. Spend some time around the green area in front of the Bordeaux Museum of Fine Art and Charles de Gaulle Park. Fantastic governmental buildings tower above the parks.

You have to check the Judiciary Court of Bordeaux. Richard Rogers designed this beauty in 1988. The whole building is transparent, as justice should be. The courts themselves resemble wine vats! Walk till the end of the park to the Chartreuse Cemetery.

We Recommend These Hotels in Saint Bruno:

Maison Manege

The Maison Manege is in the heart of Saint Bruno and within walking distance to most attractions. The recently renovated rooms are super comfy and offer views. It’s got a terrace with views over the city! The executive suite is great value for money.

Les Seraphines Bordeaux

If you are looking for a boutique bread and breakfast in Bordeaux, book a room at Les Seraphines. The service is in a class of its own! Warm, professional, and totally French. We loved the complimentary breakfast. The croissants are the best in the city!

Saint Bruno

Saint Seurin

Saint Seurin is west of the Old Town, north of Saint Bruno, south of Chartrons, and east of Wilson Road. It’s a quaint and leafy residential neighborhood. If you want to enjoy a relaxed Bordeaux, this is one of the best places to stay.

Some of the best restaurants and bars in the city line Palais Gallien Street. Walk along the street and turn on Coliseum Street to see the remains of a Roman Amphitheatre from the 3rd Century AC. From there, walk to the Natural History Museum of Bordeaux.

The Botanical Gardens and the City Park are in front of the museum. We love the 25-acre (10 hectares) park! You can walk, jog, nap, and mingle with locals in the park. The Park’s botanical garden holds over 3000 plant species from all over the world!

We Recommend These Hotels in Saint Seurin:

Le Palais Gallien Hotel & Spa

If you have the money, spend it at Le Palais Gallien Hotel & Spa. It’s one of the best 5-star hotels in Bordeaux. The hotel has a garden with a pool and a lovely terrace. The spa has a heated pool and a jacuzzi!

Hotel La Maison Bordeaux

Considering its class and location, the Hotel La Maison Bordeaux is great value for money. The fancy mansion has a garden and a fantastic lobby to relax and enjoy wine. Go for the double deluxe room. It’s got a terrace with memorable views!

Palais Gallien

Traingle d’Or and Quinconces

The best luxury hotels in Bordeaux are in the Triangle D’or and Quinconces. The tiny neighborhoods are next to the river, north of the Old Town, east of Saint Seurin, and south of Chartrons. The National Opera of Bordeaux is here.

From the Opera, walk to Quinconces Square. The 1820 plaza features fountains, monuments, and gorgeous trees. The Bordeaux Modern Art Museum is one block north of the plaza. It’s a refurbished warehouse from 1824. The building is massive, and the collection inside is fantastic.

If you like shopping, go to The Gallery of Great Men (La Galerie des Grands Hommes), the biggest shopping arcade in the city. Walk along the river and stop at Munich Plaza. You will see the iconic Rostral Columns. The Quinconces ferry terminal is there.

We Recommend These Hotels in Triangle d’Or and Quinconces:


The Intercontinental is worth every penny. The 1920 property has a rooftop terrace with killer views and a huge spa. The baroque indoor pool will take your breath away. Even if you don’t stay here, stop for a glass of wine and admire its opulence.

Hotel des Quinconces

If you like historic buildings, book a room at the Hotel des Quinconces. The 1834 mansion was the English Consulate in the 1860s and the American one from 1981 to 1993. Today, it features luxurious rooms. The garden is one of the nicest in the city.

Traingle d’Or


Chartrons is north of Quinconces and goes all the way to Jaques Chaban Bridge. The iconic bridge is the longest moveable one in Europe. You can walk to the Old Town in approximately half an hour. It’s a lovely walk next to the river.

Chartrons combines the new with the old. Fancy shops, bars, and hip bars line Notre Dame Street. Stop by the impressive Saint Louis Church. Walk around the Wall of Bordeaux searching for street art. Spend some time in the Science Museum next to the river.

Evidently, the star of the area is the incredible Wine City, at the end of Chartrons. You will know you are there when you see a giant wine decanter! Even if you are not into wine, you are going to love the place.

We Recommend These Hotels in Chartrons:

Hotel Mercure Bordeaux Chateau Chartrons

Like Chartrons, the Mercure Bordeaux combines the best of the old and the new. The rooms are big, comfortable, and come with a fridge and tub. We loved chilling in the garden. It’s got a gym and onsite parking.

Teneo Apparthotel Bordeaux Maritime

If you are looking for budget accommodation in Bordeaux, book a room at the Teneo Apparthotel. The property is 3 minutes from the wine museum, and just outside Chartrons. Every unit has a fully equipped kitchenette. The family suites can accommodate up to 4 people comfortably.


La Bastide

To our amazement, a lot of tourists don’t visit La Bastide. The neighborhood is across the river. If you are looking for a traditional experience in Bordeaux, this is where to stay. We stayed here once and had a blast.

To go to the Old Town, you have to walk half an hour and cross Pierre Bridge. Napoleon himself had the bridge built in 1822. Stop by Stalingrad Square and check the futuristic sculpture of a lion.

Grand palaces line the riverfront. Walk north to the City’s Botanical Gardens. From there, continue to the Darwin Eco Center. The former military compound is today at the forefront of organic living. The place is party central at night!

We Recommend These Hotels in La Bastide:

Hotel des Voyageurs

Our favorite hotel in La Bastide is the Voyageurs. Since the property is next to Stalingrad, you can walk to the center in no time. The rooms are spotless, and the service warm and professional. You won’t get better rooms in Bordeaux at this price.

Ibis Bordeaux Center Bastide

If you know the French brand, you know what to expect. Clean and comfortable rooms at a decent rate. The Ibis Bastide has onsite parking and is pet friendly. The hotel is next to the Botanical Gardens. Thus you can walk to the center in 20 minutes.

Le Bastide

In a Castle close to Bordeaux

You can’t leave Bordeaux without trying its world-famous wine. Granted, you can taste wine pretty much everywhere in the city. In fact, we recommend buying a bottle and enjoying it on the riverfront. It’s how the locals do it.

However, nothing beats an original chateau. These gorgeous French castles offer the ultimate wine experience. Thus, spending a night at one is a must. Every time we visit the city, we try a new one. What can we say? We are hotel queens!

The two castles we’ve selected are where to stay in Bordeaux for wine tasting. The first one is just 5 miles (8 km) from the center. You can even take public transport there. The other one is 7 miles (11 km) north.

We Recommend These Hotels in Castles:

Chateau Pape Clement

Chateau Pape Clement has been harvesting wine for over 7 centuries! The oldest sections of the castle are from the 16th Century. However, the plush rooms have modern-day conveniences. Some 150 acres (60 hectares) of vineyards surround the castle. It doesn’t get any better than here.

Chateau Grattequina Hotel

The 1872 mansion is where to stay near Bordeaux if you love luxury. Chateau Grattequina faces the Garonne River and has a pool and a sauna. You can go to the city by boat directly from the hotel! They organize the best wine tours around the region.

Chateau Pape Clement

How Long to Stay in Bordeaux

We’ve been to Bordeaux several times and never got bored. The city is the largest urban area in UNESCO’s World Heritage Site. You can spend weeks just checking the main attractions! Therefore, stay as much as you can!

That said, we all have time constraints and a big world to discover. Thus, it’s reasonable to wonder how many days are needed in Bordeaux to cover the basics. We believe you should spend no less than three nights in the city.

However, to really enjoy Bordeaux, you need a week. The city is that great! Besides, you will want to go to Arcachon and Saint Emilion at least for the day. We are talking about one of the prettiest cities in Europe!

Place de la Bourse

Moving Around Bordeaux

You won’t have trouble moving around Bordeaux. The city is safe and well organized. The best way of moving around Bordeaux is walking. Most of Bordeaux’s top attractions are in the center, within walking distance from each other.

Another great way to discover the city is biking. There are countless bike lanes. We love biking along the river and enjoying the views. Bordeaux has a public bike-sharing system that is easy to operate. There are literally stations everywhere.

Bordeaux has an extensive public transportation system that includes buses and trams. They are a great way of seeing the city. Ask around, and people will point you in the right direction. Taxis are not pricey and are the best alternative if you want to party at night.

Place de la Comedie

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