Scar from the Lion King had a point. Not about the need for a hyena military dictatorship per se, but more about the importance of being prepared. And this is definitely the case when it comes to responsible travel, especially when you’re at the packing stage. So, what’s in your bag? Here are a few tips for prepping more sustainably:

  • Single-use is no use! Pack reusables, like your own water bottle (with a water filter depending on where you’re going), as well as things like reusable shopping/tote bags and cutlery if you’re camping.
  • Pack light! (If the plane is heavier it emits more greenhouse gases).
  • Bring toiletries in reusable bottles (and think about soap/shampoo bars rather than packaged alternatives).
  • Learn local greetings and customs before you go! (And make sure you have appropriate clothing for holy sites and temples. Responsible travel ain’t just about carbon; it’s about respect, too).

Looking for more sustainable packing tips? Why not check out our awesome Alexa pack my bags skill? Just tell her where you’re going and she’ll build you a bespoke, sustainable packing list. Pretty neat right?

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Published for: Valentino Pattaya