Why visit Jamaica? - Visit Jamaica

Many of you may be wondering where Jamaica is located, Jamaica is located in the Caribbean, south of Cuba, and west of Haiti. Its ideal location makes Jamaica have fantastic weather temperatures and crystal clear sea water, perfect for enjoying Shore excursions in Jamaica.

For those of you who are here for the first time, hiring a local driver and guide is the best choice. Another way to stay safe in Jamaica is to stay in resort hotels. Fortunately, Jamaica is full of all-inclusive resort hotels that are beautiful and very safe.

Once you’ve decided where to stay while in Jamaica, it’s time to plan what to do. With so many things to do in Jamaica, it can be hard to choose, but here are things you can do in Jamaica:

Climbing the Waterfall

Of all the things to do in Jamaica, this is perhaps the most unique! Head to Dunn’s River Falls and do one of the coolest things in your life, namely climbing waterfalls. Doing this is not easy, use the services of a guide to make your vacation easier, especially if you are traveling with family and children. Children must be at least 36 inches tall or more to climb the falls.

However if this activity isn’t for you, there is stair access to a large puddle with a waterfall for play near the guide station.

Swim with Dolphins

Who doesn’t know dolphins? This one mammal has long been taking action to show its intelligence in front of humans. Often times, dolphins are used as swimming friends with humans. So, do not be surprised if dolphins are known as animals that are close to humans. Dolphin Cove, in Ocho Rios, Jamaica on the North Coast, is one place that offers a swimming experience with dolphins.

Off Road by ATV

Caribbean Island Adventure & Sightseeing Tours in Jamaica - Ocho Rios -  Island Routes

If you like challenges that get your adrenaline pumping, there’s no harm in trying the ATV ride experience on challenging routes and get ready to get splashed in mud! Unbeatable fun! You can play mud and enjoy the thrill of riding an ATV with amazing views. Yaaman near Ocho Rios offers guided ATV tours.

So what are you waiting for? Visit Jamaica for the most amazing experience and do all the Activities in Jamaica while you at there! It is a warm country with the kindest people and the most breathtaking views.