It’s hard to choose our favourite parts about this ad. Of course, there’s the tune itself, as gloriously 80s as anything can get. The surging synths, the epic backing vocals, the “CONTIKI HOLIDAAYS” crescendo. It’s all just so, so beautiful.

But some other personal highlights are the shots at the beginning (presumably using state of the art editing technology?) of a woman ‘turning up for the routine every day’. Poor Jane, sat in her sad floating bubble, dreaming of a better life. But then it’s immediately (and brilliantly imo) juxtaposed with a man with a huge moustache throwing someone in a pool. Is this happening inside Jane’s head? Is this what she longs for as she posts faxes from her inexplicably grey office. Brilliant stuff.

As for the line, ‘It’s never too late, but never too soon.’ Well, she’s got a point. What a banger tbh.

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Published for: Valentino Pattaya