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A little fact unknown: you don’t need to travel far from Hong Kong to enjoy some world-class skiing. While the island does not have ski resorts (the climate in the city is subtropical, and snow is unheard of in Hong Kong), there are top-notch indoor centers where you can hit the slopes and enjoy a variety of winter sports.

Aside from boasting stellar ski centers, Hong Kong provides easy access to some of Asia’s finest ski destinations, including Sapporo Teine, in Japan, and Nanshan Ski Village, in Beijing.

No matter your experience level, you’ll find a range of places where you can indulge in adrenaline-filled winter sports — from skiing or snowboarding — in and around Hong Kong.

Ready for your next ski trip? Then read on to discover the best places to go skiing in Hong Kong and the best winter sports getaways that are located within a short hop from the city.

The 4 Best Places To Go Skiing in Hong Kong

Ski Tech HK, Hong Kong

Ski Tech is an indoor skiing center powered by VR technologies, approved by the US Olympic Ski & Snowboard Team. There, are able to hit the slopes and enjoy the ultimate indoor snow sports experience while staying safe and warm!

This state-of-the-art ski center boasts a cutting-edge simulator, whose technology reproduces the exact sensation of going down the slopes. There are two different simulators available — the small one, which is perfect for beginners/intermediate skiers and snowboarders seeking to learn alpine carving; the big simulator, which features 30% more power and more G-force for advanced skiers and ski racers. The accelerations created by the drive system of the simulator result in more efficient training and fast improvements in balance and reaction.

Aside from offering experiences for different skill levels, Ski Tech’s simulator also boasts multiple sensors that track the position of your skis on the slope, as well as the possibility to choose from multiple trails and race courses under different snow conditions including moguls and bumps. That virtual reality experience is topped off by multiple projectors, and a huge high-resolution panoramic screen, which will make you soon forget that you are indoors.

Plus, it’s also possible to get 1-on-1 lessons with their instructors, which are specialized in movement analysis. This will help build up your muscle memory to prepare for your next ski adventure in real life!

Address: Unit 922-923, One Island South, 2 Heung Yip Rd, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong

Slope Infinity, Hong Kong

Young man training on a skiing simulator.

Seeking to build up your muscle memory and get ready for your next ski adventure in real life? Then make sure you visit Slope Infinity, in Hong Kong. This indoor training center is home to the world’s largest revolving carpet ski & snowboard training deck, which allows skiers and snowboarders of all ability levels to improve their techniques.

Slope Infinity’s training decks offer a dynamic instruction program ideal for both kids and adults.

During the lessons, riders are able to use real skis, ski boots, ski bindings, ski poles, and snowboards, and slide through a variable-speed silicone-coated ultra-wide revolving carpet, which functions like a reverse treadmill. One hour of training equates to several hours of learning on the mountain, but without having your time wasted on the crowded slopes and chairlift lines. There’s also a large full-length mirror extending the width of the entire deck that lets visitors monitor their improvement.

After brushing up your skills in Slope Infinity, you’ll be ready to ski in some of the world’s best mountains and slopes!

Address: 148 Electric Road, Electric Rd, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Sapporo Teine, Hokkaido, Japan

A person skiing.

If you want to try the real thing and hit the slopes in a world-class ski resort, there are many destinations that are just a short flight away from Hong Kong. One of the best is the Sapporo Teine, in Hokkaido, Japan. The ski area is located within a 4-hour flight from Hong Kong, and it’s the closest one to the Chitose International Airport, making it a convenient option for those coming from abroad. 

The ski resort has a summit elevation of 1,023 meters, is located on Mt. Teine, and features a variety of ski trails that range from wide, to gently sloping hills and long and fast advanced courses. It also includes two runs used for ski events during the 1972 Sapporo Winter Olympics. In fact, the Olympic Torch still stands majestically above the resort as a monument overlooking Sapporo and the Sea of Japan below.

Sapporo Teine also has 3 snow parks where children can enjoy tube rings, skiing, and sledding.
Upon arriving at Chitose International Airport, we recommend choosing a hotel in Sapporo, as the Sapporo Teine ski area does not have on-site accommodation. The following day, you can take a bus shuttle/taxi to the mountain.

Address: 593 Teine-Honcho Teine-ku Sapporo Hokkaido 006-0029 Japan

Nanshan Ski Village, Beijing, China

A person skiing.

The Nanshan Ski Village is the ultimate destination for a fun weekend full of skiing in China. Located near Miyuan County of Beijing, about 1½ hours’ drive from downtown Beijing, Nanshan is one of the best-equipped ski resorts in the country, suitable for ski enthusiasts of ages and skill levels.

Nanshan features 26 trails (12 beginners, 8 intermediate, 4 advanced, 1 Mellow Park, and 1 mini-park), one 360-feet long half-pipe, a German-designed toboggan run, and a snowboarding park — the largest of its kind in northern China.

The resort also displays an array of family-friendly facilities, including kid’s ski learning trails, one youth learning trail, a children’s playground, and a special snowmobile track for children.


Is there skiing in Hong Kong?

While there are no ski resorts in Hong Kong, it’s possible to ski and snowboard in indoor centers such as Ski Tech HK and Slope Infinity.

Does it snow in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong’s climate is subtropical, and snow is unheard of on the island.

What are the best places to go skiing in Hong Kong?

There are no ski resorts in Hong Kong, but it’s possible to ski and snowboard in indoor centers. The best indoor ski centers in Hong Kong are Ski Tech HK and Slope Infinity.

What is the weather like in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong’s weather is characterized by very mild winters and hot, rainy, and muggy summers. The island averages 1,709 hours of sunshine per year, and snow in the city is extremely rare.

What are the best places for a ski trip from Hong Kong?

Nanshan Ski Village, Beijing, China;

Kiroro Resort, Hokkaido, Japan;

Niseko Village, Hokkaido, Japan;

Appi Kogen Resort, Tohoku, Japan;

Yong Pyong Resort, Pyeongchang-gun, South Korea.

Can I go skiing in mainland China?

Yes. There are several ski resorts throughout mainland China, and some of the best are Nanshan Ski Village (Beijing), Beidahu Ski Resort (Jilin), and Silk Road Ski Resort, (Xinjiang).

Is Hong Kong located in mainland China?

Hong Kong is a sovereign territory of the People’s Republic of China. It maintains a high degree of autonomy, hence it’s not considered to be part of mainland China.

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