Why E-Liquids Are Better Than Tobacco

They key component of cigarette smoke is tobacco while that of vape or e-cigarettes is e-liquids. Sadly, tobacco use is not going to be good news for your health. From the hundreds of years of tobacco presence across the globe, millions of lives of people have ended because of it. That is why smokers should put an end to their addictive habit of smoking. If you get in the habit of smoking, you may have a difficult time ending this addictive behavior. For those who want to quit smoking but have a hard time resisting the urge to smoke, a healthier alternative is vaping or e-cigarette smoking. Nicotine is the addictive component present in tobacco smoke that smokers crave. It has the capacity to stimulate the receptors of your brain to release the feel-good hormones called endorphins. Your brain becomes familiar with this good feeling that when you stop smoking your brain will start looking for this buzz.

When you use e-liquids, you still give your brain the nicotine that it craves for, and you do a similar thing as smoking. This alternative makes it easier to quit smoking and the use of tobacco altogether. You can quit nicotine addiction gradually as you make the nicotine content of your e-liquids go down. Thus, vape liquids are one of the best ways for you to quit smoking and poisoning your body with nicotine and its ill effects. What follows are some of the key advantages of e-liquids over tobacco.

Unlike tobacco, e-liquids offer you a range of flavors. If you use these flavors while vaping, you get more satisfaction from what you are doing and don’t get any unpleasant aftertaste in your mouth. You will never run out of flavors of e-liquids to choose. You can always get back on choosing tobacco-flavored e-liquids or try the fruity flavored ones as you vape them. With the wide array of e-liquid flavors available for you, you can choose as many flavors as you want as long as you feel like vaping them.

Yellow fingers are very common for tobacco smokers. When you vape e-liquids, you save your fingers from getting yellow-brown nicotine stains linked to smoking tobacco. Many smokers don’t like to smoke tobacco because of the visible effects it has on their fingers. A lot of heavy tobacco smokers are affected by these stains. Besides staining your fingers, tobacco also stains your nose, mouth, and teeth. These disgusting aftereffects of tobacco smoking are never present in e-liquids.

The smell of e-liquids is another great characteristic of vaping over tobacco smoking. Usually, e-liquids produce a little or no odor upon vaporization. If you do smell something, it will be the flavors that get out from the e-liquids. You never get a foul smell that you often get with cigarette smoke and not vaping. You can simply get away from vaping as long as you make things as discreet as possible. You cannot smoke with tobacco discreetly because you can smell it from 50 meters away.

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