At Contiki, curiosity is one of our favourite words. What else drives us to discover foreign shores, to connect with complete strangers, to discover new cultures, taste new flavours and become part of a community so removed from our everyday lives? Really, that’s what Contiki is all about: quenching curiosity that young people have about the world and everything in it.

Basically, the best way to learn new things is to be insatiably curious. That applies not only to travel but also to education. Our pals at Pearson+ take a similar approach to studying as we do to exploring. They give students a comprehensive suite of eTextbooks and study tools that connect young people with a broader community, using their innate curiosity to put them on the learning path they want to explore. It’s not just about asking the right questions, but also seeking out the right answers.

And this isn’t just speculation – there’s science to back it up! So here’s a bit about why curiosity is so crucial for learning.

Quoted from Various Sources
Published for: Valentino Pattaya