Finding Your Passion

You may hear a lot nowadays about how to search for your passion and also follow that bliss. It can surely be easy to find your passion. You do so through understanding your values, which would determine your attitudes and also how you value or judge the problems, situations and the different individuals in your life.

You may feel satisfied when your needs are met and you would feel fulfilled when your values are also met. If you are going to align your life around the values you have, then you can find happiness as well as fulfillment which may be eluding you now. So, what are the values you have? What are also those passions which lead you to action and which determine what you would like to do in life?

You have to understand that there are actually six personal values. They can be theoretical. If this is actually your highest value, then you will have that passion for knowledge. The goal would be to discover truth and you also believe that everything should be rationally justified. Moreover, you are interested more about doing research, learning, reading and studying. For you, knowledge is power.

Another personal value is utilitarian. The goal is on utility and looking for what is useful. You are quite practical and you also tend to maximize the assets you have. It is your passion to have that return on investment of your talent, time and resources. You find it enjoyable to have a career in sales or perhaps to be a CEO or a businessman. For you, the measure of your success is through the amount of money that you earn.

Also, a personal value that you should know is aesthetic. It is your goal to be able to experience that inner vision. Among your passions include form, beauty, balance and also harmony in many aspects of life. You would want things to run smoothly and you would feel stressed when faced with issues and adversities than other individuals. You should be surrounded by beauty as what you describe it. Also, you are quite interested in the arts or nature and you want to go for one as your lifetime career.

Social is also a personal value that means humanitarian. You think of service to others and for you this is the highest calling in life. You are quite compassionate and you would give that last dime to a homeless individual. You should have that career that offers you with opportunities of serving others.

There are also those who have individualistic personal values. This means that one is driven to use power as well as position in order to achieve those goals and also to advance the causes. It is one’s passion to control one’s destiny and of the others. Authority and status are quite important for such person.

On the other hand, is being traditional. In this personal value, it is the goal of the person to search for the highest meaning in life. One is in search for that system for living. You actually believe of that higher order of life and you think of yourself as spiritual or religious.

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