Where to stay in Europe

Most travellers will stay in hotels or hostels – it depends on why you’re travelling, plus your budget. 

Hostels are great for making new friends from all over the world. They’re also hilarious, and you’ll probably remember the people you encounter there for years to come. The other benefit of hostels is that because you share a room with 4-8 others, they’re usually a lot cheaper than hotels. 

Got enough great mates and just want to see Europe’s many beautiful and inspirational sites, alone or with a friend/partner? Is a good night’s sleep crucial to your travel experience and worth spending the extra pennies on? If so, hotels are the one for you. 

Travel hack:

For the best of both worlds, get a private room in a hostel. You’ll enjoy the privacy (and some of the peace) of a hotel, you can make new friends in the communal areas without worrying about bumping into them in the bathroom later. Plus the cost is closer to the hostel end of things. 

Quoted from Various Sources
Published for: Valentino Pattaya