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You’re ready for your vacation! But what about leaving your car at the airport? Here are 6 tips to save on airport parking fees in Las Vegas.

Airport parking is yet another expense you need to be aware of when booking a flight and planning your trip. Even so, that doesn’t mean you just have to grin and bear it, because, with a little planning and a few tactical decisions, you can save a bundle. Here are ways to save on airport parking fees in Las Vegas.

When you fly out of Las Vegas, remember to add in the cost of airport parking while you’re away. Image by Igor Saveliev from Pixabay

Pre-book for the Best Deals

There are lots of things to see and do in Las Vegas, and this of course means that the airport is busy most times of the year. If you show up to pay for parking on the day you fly out, this will leave you with little choice but to fork over the full price for as long as you need the space.

On the other hand, if you arrange your parking in advance, you could drive down the cost significantly. Early bird discounts are commonplace, so the sooner you act, the better.

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Choose an Off-site Lot with Cheaper Rates

There are all sorts of short- and long-term parking options on-site at the airport itself, but these tend to be priced at the more expensive end of the spectrum.

If you don’t mind parking a little further out, there are ample off-site options, which come with appropriately affordable fees. Just remember to keep your car secure when it’s parked to avoid break-ins.

Las Vegas parking

You can find off-site parking for your vehicle when you fly out of the Las Vegas airport. Photo by welcomia via

Book a Hotel with a Parking Lot

Buying a bundle deal at one of Sin City’s luxury hotels is a surprisingly frugal move from a parking perspective. Those close to the airport often have parking lots available to guests, so you can avoid hefty fees found elsewhere.

Many of these hotels also sell parking spaces to third parties who aren’t staying overnight, so also check to see if this is an option.

Take a Taxi to the Airport to Airport Save on Parking Fees in Las Vegas

There are plenty of taxi and rideshare services operating in Las Vegas, so rather than driving yourself to the airport, it’s often more frugal to pay for a professional to pick you up from your doorstep and take you to the terminal building.

The cost of this will only be sensible if the time between your departure and your return is more than a few days; for short-term flights, driving and parking will potentially be cheaper.

Plan Your Journey Carefully

Another good idea to avoid excessive fees is to use a site like iFly to get the lowdown on Las Vegas airport before you arrive.

Las Vegas airport

There are several options for getting to the Las Vegas airport. Photo by 4kclips via

The reason that this is a financially savvy move is that it means you will know all you need to about the layout of the airport, the location of the amenities, and the facilities that are on offer.

So rather than turning up in a panic and not knowing where to park, or returning on an inbound flight and then struggling to find the car you left, potentially incurring additional costs in the process, you’ll be equipped with all the info ahead of schedule.

Get a Friend or Family Member to Help

Finally, if you’re worried about paying for parking at Las Vegas airport, and you’ve got a person in your social circles who lives nearby and owns a car, you could always ask them to give you a ride to the terminal on the day you’re due to depart.

Offering to cover their gas costs, and promising to repay the favor in the future, should be enough to convince a friend or family member to offer up their services.

Saving on Airport Parking Fees in Las Vegas

Whatever you do, be swift in sorting out your airport transport, as leaving this to the last minute is sure to create chaos. Check out Wander for more ideas on great destinations for your vacation and plenty of other great travel tips.

6 Tips to Save on Airport Parking Fees in Las Vegas

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