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We usually visit Ibiza in winter. It’s our favorite time of the year to spend some time on the Spanish island. Don’t get us wrong, we’ve been in all seasons and always have a blast. Ibiza is one of those places that enjoys great weather all year round.

Ibiza is famous around the world for its gorgeous capital, sandy beaches, and incredible parties. Who hasn’t dreamt of visiting the island? Most tourist visit in summer to bake in the sun and party at night. We do too, and love it! However, Ibiza offers far more.

The island has 4 UNESCO Listed sites and lots of nature to discover. In winter in Ibiza, you can take your time and actually see and enjoy these places. Not only that, but fewer tourists means more relaxed locals. You can meet people and learn about the local culture.

Ibiza in Winter

Why Visit Ibiza in Winter

Splendid Weather is Everything

Ibiza enjoys mild winter temperatures. If you come from Northern Europe, you won’t believe its winter! The average high temperature in Ibiza in December is 61 F (16 C), and the average low is 48 F (9 C). As if that was not enough, it only rains 5 days on average in December.

Temperatures don’t vary much through the winter. The average high temperature in Ibiza in January and February is 59 F (15 C), and the average low is 46 F (8 C). It only rains on average 4 days each month. Thus, you can pretty much be outside all day long.

Es Pouet de sa Trinxa

No Crowds

Tourism in Ibiza is very seasonal. Airlines ramp up their flights by the end of spring. There are tons of charter flights from every corner of the world. Ferries from Barcelona and Valencia increase their frequencies too. No wonder the beaches get packed, and you can hardly walk in the center of Ibiza Town.

Over 13.5 million tourists visited the Balearic Islands in 2019. Of these, a bit over 3 million visited Ibiza. Mallorca is by far the most visited island, but Ibiza is much smaller. Therefore, tourists outnumber the locals. In fact, there were 2000 tourists per 100 residents on the island in 2019.

Some 88% of all tourists visit Ibiza in the high season. That is, from June to September. The remaining 12% do so during the other 8 months! We simply can’t overstate how packed everywhere can be in summer. Thus, enjoying space is what to do in Ibiza in winter!

Portal de ses Taules

Lower Prices

Every summer, the rich and famous of the world flock to Ibiza to exhibit their nature-killing yachts, jewels, and nonsense. It’s a competition of who has more polluting things and habits. They ape each other and crowd every single spot, leaving very little space for the rest of us.

Evidently, the locals charge whatever they can. It’s all about money, consumerism, and shiny stuff. Come winter, everything changes in Ibiza. Especially regarding hotels. These can charge whatever they want in summer but must lower their prices in winter to fill up.

Expect to pay up to 50% less for the best hotels in Ibiza. Plus you will actually be able to lounge by the pool alone. Restaurants and bars don’t reduce their prices that much though. Nevertheless, you don’t need to elbow or queue for hours to eat and have wine.

Platja de ses Figueretes

Things to Do in Ibiza in Winter

Roam the Streets of Ibiza Old Town

Of all the things to do in Ibiza in winter, a visit to the Old Town is mandatory. The UNESCO Listed site is like no other. We are talking about the millenary city on top of the hill next to the sea. The views from there will take your breath away.

Locals call the Old Town Dalt Vila. The Phoenicians were the first to occupy the area. The Romans followed. Then the Byzantines, and then by King James of Aragon. Most of the structure we can see today is from the Spanish Empire. Charles V had the fortress built in the 16th Century.

Today, fancy shops, fantastic restaurants, bars, and wineries dot the area. Don’t forget to check the Orthodox Church, Saint Dominique Church, and the Puget Museum. You will be happy to be in winter in Ibiza and be able to roam the streets freely during the day and night.

Ibiza in Winter - The Old Town

Visit Ibiza Cathedral

No matter how many churches you’ve been to, the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Snow will blow your mind. The first temple on the site was built in the 12th Century. Then the Spaniards built a big church in the 14th Century in a Gothic Style.

The temple we can see today is from the 1700s. In fact, it became a Cathedral in 1792. That’s why the interior is a baroque masterpiece. Check out the elegant altars in both side chapels. Remember that the temple is still in use, so please be respectful.

Once done with the Cathedral, spend some time on the plaza in front. The Ibiza and Formentera Archaeology Museum is on the plaza. To learn about the Arab culture on the island, visit the Madina Yabisa Interpretation Center on the corner. From there, walk to the Santa Tecla Tower to enjoy memorable views.

Ibiza Cathedral

Party with the Locals

One of the things that set Ibiza apart from other destinations is its nightlife. For cocktails in the Old Town, head to S’Escalinata. The little bar with outdoor seating space is on the stairway leading up. Bar San Ciriaco is a popular joint where you can drink sangria and meet locals.

We usually hang out around Plaza del Parc, a lovely square beneath the old town. The best tapas bar there is La Taberna. For coffee and beer go to Vila Cafè on the same plaza. Locals and tourist flock to Passeig de Vara. We eat at La Bufalina and have ice cream at Gelato Ibiza.

Dancing we go closer to Figueretes Beach. El Mojito Beach Club is not on the beach but it’s a local bar with fantastic drinks and music. Another great place to party all night long is the Calle de la Virgen, the epicenter of Ibiza’s gay nightlife.

Calle de la Virgen

Spend Some Time on the Beach

We have to be honest. We never bathe in the sea in Ibiza in winter. However, we went a couple of times with friends from Norway, and they were delighted to pop in! That said, we love spending time on the beach. For urban beaches, head to Figueretes and Talamanca.

You can walk half an hour south or take a public bus to Platja d’en Bossa. The world-famous nightclubs are here. The area is quite different in winter and perfect for walking along the sandy beach. You won’t go hungry or thirsty here. There are plenty of good eateries and bars.

You can also spend some time on the urban beaches of Sant Antoni or Santa Eularia. Both host very nice beaches with few people in winter. If you are into smaller, more natural beaches, we recommend Cala Saladeta, north of Sant Antoni, and Es Canar, north of Santa Eularia.

Platja des Cavallet

Walk among the Salt Ponds

Ses Salines Natural Park is to the south. Buses from Ibiza Town there operate all year round and take some 45 minutes. The trip takes you near the beaches, so you get to enjoy great sea views.

Ses Salines salt ponds offer probably the most beautiful hiking trails on Ibiza. The scenery is breathtaking, you’ll probably spot hundreds of colorful flamingos, and there are even historical watchtowers.

Locals love the area next to the salt pond. You can walk to Cavallet Beach. Stop by the medieval Portes Tower and continue to Salinas Beach, our favorite. The restaurants on this beach are some of the best on the island.

Ses Salines salt ponds

Visit Santa Eularia de Riu

You can take a public bus from Ibiza Town and reach Santa Eularia de Riu in less than an hour. The cute little port town is north of the city. Tall palm trees line the town’s main boulevard. Paseo Alameda begins on the beach and ends in the beautiful Town Hall.

Santa Eularia Church (also knonw as Puig de Missa Church) crowns a hill in the center. To get there, walk along beautiful gardens. The 16th-Century complex is a magnificent example of a fortified temple. It includes a cemetery and a few houses. The Ethnographic Museum is next to the church. The views from the church are stunning.

The sandy beach is to the south of the ferry terminal. You can walk along the coast to the Santa Eularia River. Continue along the river bank and enjoy the river. The Marina is to the north of the terminal. Restaurants, hotels, and residential buildings line the port’s boulevard.

Santa Eulària des Riu

Spend the Afternoon in Santa Gertrudis

Ibiza is not all about beaches. The small island has incredible valleys and hills. To enjoy the best of rural Ibiza, head to Santa Gertrudis de Fruteria, 7 miles (11 km) north of Ibiza Town. Public buses operate all year round and take 15 minutes. The quaint little town is in the heart of the island.

Santa Gertrudis used to be a small village dedicated to agriculture. You will see splendid orchards, green fields, and sheep. Today, it’s a fancy town with great restaurants and bars. However, it’s still pretty authentic, especially in winter. Local chefs prepare delicious food with top-quality local ingredients.

Besides, it has attracted a chic artist community from all over the world. The center of Santa Gertrudis is its main square. The 18th-Century white Santa Gertrudis Church presides over the plaza. Every single restaurant in Santa Gertrudis is great. Take your time, pick your favorite one and enjoy the atmosphere. We love Musset Café.

Santa Gertrudis

Have Coffee or Lunch with a View

Our favorite place to have coffee in Ibiza in winter is Capuccino Marina Ibiza. The café is on a small pier right across Ibiza’s Old Town. They serve delicious coffee and a variety of cakes and ice cream.

For cocktails and some tapas with sea views head to Number 5, in front of the port. Our favorite is their Zombie Passion No.5 cocktail. Our favorite restaurant on the port is the Club Nautico. They offer some of the best Spanish food in a great setting.

In Sant Antoni, we love the quirky Rita’s Cantina. They serve delicious breakfasts and great cocktails. In Santa Eularia, our favorite place with a view is Café Sidney. Their Sunday brunch is famous all around the island.

Café with a View

Watch the Sunset across the Es Vedra Island

The sun sets to the west of the island. Of all the places where you can see it, the area in front of Es Vedra Island is the best. The cluster of massive stones is 1200 feet (382 m) tall. In summer, so many locals and tourists flock to the area, that the authorities regularly close the access road.

Not in winter in Ibiza! You can enjoy this magical sunset directly from the beach in Cala d’Hort Cove, southwest of Ibiza City. However, we recommend going up the cliff. There are a couple of bars and clubs, but you can also see it from the viewing platform.

Local people take small picnics to munch while enjoying the sunset. Another popular spot to catch the sunset is San Antoni. The best place to see it is the so called sunset strip near the marina. The world famous Café del Mar is there.

Sunset at Es Vedra

Take a Ferry to Formentera

The best beaches in all the Balearic Islands are in Formentera, less than 12 miles (20 km) from Ibiza. The 30 square miles (82 km2) island is the smallest in the archipelago. Fortunately, it’s all about nature. You won’t see big buildings or urban areas here. Everything is low-key and beautiful.

You can walk from the port in less than an hour to the northern tip of the island. Ses Illetes is our favorite beach in the archipelago. From there, it’s an hour and a half to Punta Prima Tower. The views from the tower of the cliffs are unforgettable.

Formentera has all types of beaches. You have rocky and long sandy beaches. There are cute little coves all over the place. Far de la Mola is a 1750 lighthouse on the southern tip of the island with glorious views. Ferries to Formentera operate all year round and take 30 minutes.


Where to Stay in Ibiza

The best places to stay in Ibiza are in the capital. We love The Standard Ibiza Adults Only in the heart of the Old Town. The sleek building features a gym and a splendid pool. The rooms are big and extra comfy. Have a cocktail up on the terrace while enjoying epic views of the city and beyond!

The uber-cool Pacha Hotel is just 300 feet (100 m) from the Marina. Every room is big and comes with a seating area and a balcony. The Pacha Friends and Family rooms are great value for money. The hotel’s restaurant and bar are some of the best in the city.

The THB Los Molinos is our go to hotel in Ibiza. The property overlooks the Mediterranean and has direct access to Figueretes Beach. You can walk to the center in less than 10 minutes. Los Molinos has the nicest garden in Ibiza with two pools! Book a room with sea views and you won’t want to leave.

Hotel in Ibiza Town

Moving Around Ibiza

The best way of moving around Ibiza Town is by walking. The city is not big, and most of its attractions are in the historic core. All you have to do is walk up the hill. You can also walk next to the sea from the port to the marina.

You can walk from the center to Talamanca Beach in approximately half an hour. Figueretes beach is half an hour south of the center. Winter in Ibiza is perfect for walking. Grab a light jacket and umbrella, and enjoy! Considering the crowds and the heat, walking about in summer can be hard.

We always use public transport in Ibiza. The island has 34 bus routes that take you almost everywhere. Most buses depart from Ibiza Town, Santa Eulalia, and San Antonio. Official info here. Ibiza Town has a fantastic bike-sharing system too. Finally, since Ibiza isn’t big, you can always hop on a taxi.

Yachts in Ibiza

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