Not only hotels, lodging options when traveling now are very diverse. The election can be adjusted to the schedule, many people go on vacation, and, of course, budget allowances for accommodation.

Renting Airbnb is one of the options that many travelers later consider. In addition to the lucrative rental rates, this type of lodging can also accommodate quite a number of people.

Hasil gambar untuk Detect Hidden Cameras in Lodging When Traveling in 4 Ways

Behind all these advantages, you have to be careful because hidden cameras are found in quite a lot of eavesdropping. Summarized from Huffpost, Tuesday (4/23/2019), a less unpleasant incident has just happened to the family of Nealie and Andrew Barker.

At that time, they rented a Airbnb house while on vacation in Europe. Vacation is interrupted when they find a hidden camera. In fact, based on regulations, homeowners may not install hidden cameras in their bedrooms and bathrooms.

From this incident, you should know how to detect the presence of a hidden camera as a precaution.

Ways to Know the Existence of Hidden Cameras

Look for objects that are out of place

Jack Plaxe is the founder and director of the Security Consulting Alliance in Kentucky. He said travelers could ask themselves, “If someone tries to record me, where will they put the camera to get the picture they want?”

“Look for things in unusual places,” said Carrie Kerskie, CEO of Griffon Force, a group in Florida that advises clients about identity theft and personal privacy issues, such as hidden cameras.

“If you see a smoke detector in a place that looks a bit strange, if there are two of them right next to each other, there could be cameras in that place,” Kerskie said.

Turn off the lamp

One easy practice is to turn off the lights in the room and use a flashlight to scan where you suspect the camera is located. “[Camera] Having a lens like glass. “If you look at the clock radio next to the bed and see an unusual place that reflects light, it is a sign that there is a hidden camera,” he added.

“If you turn off the lights and illuminate with a flashlight on a suspected device, it will most likely get a reflection from the lens,” he said.

Scan for Wi-Fi networks

Barker, an IT consultant, found a way to find hidden cameras at his family’s Airbnb rental. On his travel blog, he outlines how tenants can use a network scanner application that will list devices connected to the network, along with their IP addresses and manufacturers.

In Barker’s case, his suspicions arose when a factory called “IPCAMERA.” Barker uses an Android application called Network Scanner. There are also applications like Fing, which are available on iOS and Android, which can scan Wi-Fi networks and list all other devices that use a similar network.

“If you see something else there, that could be an indication that there is a camera,” Kerskie said

Cover the place of suspicion

If you feel suspicious that you are being watched, but cannot confirm it, one simple and inexpensive solution to overcome this anxiety is to cover the object of concern.

“If you have a suspicion about something in the room, such as, for example, an alarm clock, take your clothes from the suitcase and hang it above the alarm clock,” said Plaxe. You can also revoke objects that don’t need to be plugged in. Some hidden cameras need a power source to function.