In recent years, traveling is no longer a luxury because it is not only the heavy-competing people who can do it.

Anyone can travel outside the region with less funds, the phenomenon is often called “budget travel”.

Hasil gambar untuk Budget Travel is Still a Millennial Mainstay

Budget travel is a form of travel with low cost that includes accommodation and transportation. The term is quite popular among millennials.

For millennials, going on tours to various places with interesting or instagenic spots has become a part of lifestyle. Usually, millennial tourists enjoy adventure, exploration, and road trips.

Despite the fact that millennials are not fully financially secure, they have plenty of time.

Through social media, they can easily make low-cost travel plans.

Moreover, there are currently many “travel bloggers” or “travel vloggers” who provide tips on their social media accounts on how to travel cheaply.

The trend of “budget travel” has finally formed a digital economic trend where adventure and memento somewhere overcame branded goods.

A Travel Blogger, Famega Syavira Putri, said that travel planning is important in low budget travel.

In addition, it is also necessary to research travel routes and document preparation, especially if you want to travel abroad.

Another thing to consider in designing low-cost travel is the choice of transportation modes and lodging.

Land travel is considered to be an option because it is relatively cheaper than by air.

Not only that, the woman who is familiarly called Fame said that land travel is one way to reduce the carbon footprint, at least not more than traveling by plane.

“Buses and trains produce less carbon footprint,” Fame said, as quoted by Antara on Monday (8/7).

For lodging that is “low budget”, Fame usually chooses to stay at a motel or homestay. At present, many residents at tourist sites have opened their homes to become accommodations for tourists.

However, despite choosing a cheap lodging, he warned so as not to forget the comfort and safety factors in staying.

In the current era of technological advancements, almost all activities are carried out through digital platforms.

Planning low-budget travel easier with the emergence of various digital-based travel agent companies.

By surfing in a smart device, millennial can make travel plans by ordering travel tickets, rooms and entrance tickets for tourist sites.