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Profile of Riccardo Neri

Group of the 'Valentino'

Italian Thai Restaurant
Pattaya Thailand

46 the Valentino Rossi number.

If you point a finger in the center of the Pattaya city map is very probably that under it you will find "Valentino".

By Gianluigi Morini
By Gianluigi Morini

Central Road Pattaya (or Pattaya Klang) is the central artery that splits the north from the south of the city, and it is right there, on the side of the famous supermarket Foodland, that Riccardo Neri has replanted his roots, with his marvelous and exotic restaurant.

The fountain, the oven, the garden at Valentino, Italian Restaurant Pattaya - Click to zoom

I say replanted because Neri has a long story with succesful restaurants in America Latina and in Italy, where his last place has been "L'osteria della Rivazza" next to the homonym curve of the Imola motor racing circuit.

Who knows me , knows that my name is Riccardo Neri, to them that caal me Valentino, instead, i have to explain the reason of this name:

  • Rodolfo Valentino, mythical lover?

  • The fashion designer?

  • The park of Torino? Thinking to the restaurant's beautiful garden.

  • Valentino Marcattilii famous italian chef of the Imola's restaurant San Domenico ?

  • Saint Valentine, lovers protector?

  • Valentino Rossi, motorbike living legend?

Well yes, wheter for the many coincidences or wheter because i know him since he started riding motorbikes, Valentino did seem to me the more appropriate name, has no "R" this helps the asians tho prounonce it and the place has 2 entrances, one fourth road and one in the sixth.

Clicking on restaurant map will appear the number that always has accompanied Valentino.

And now i really hope that you will not ask me anymore about the restaurant name.

Apart the name, "Valentino" is an oasis in the city heart, immersed in a fresh and silent garden, and if you are in hurry this place is not for you.

The main environment - Click to zoom

Pizza at Valentino, Italian restaurant Pattaya

A view of the entrance, on the right one of the beautiful fountains - Click to zoom

The deep knowledge of the cooking and the exclusive use of fresh products make possible that the true tastes of Italy and particularly of Romagna, from where Neri comes, will be tasted like at home.

A view of the garden - Click to zoom

Pizza, pasta, bread etc..... all rigorously hand made like in the ancient rules, without using preserved products, additives and glutammate.
And we neither neglect the good thai cooking where there is abundance of local dishes and asian for anybody would like to remain in theme with this land.

Valentino's internal rooms - Click to zoom


Do you want have a romantic dinner?


A business lunch?


A company meeting?


A fashion show?


Or simply feed your family?

With his 2000 sq. mts. "Valentino" is suitable for any kind of need; without forget the spacious and confortable parking with private entrance directly in the restaurant.

The bar, where we prepare many kind of cocktail - Click to zoom

Our girls

Valentino, Italian Restaurant Pattaya Entrance - Click to zoom

With his elegants climatized environments and his large and cosy garden "Valentino" is absolutely within the more interesting restaurants in the city.

Riccardo and his staff at Valentino Italian Thai Restaurant Pattaya - Click to zoom

Riccardo Neri
Riccardo Neri